Uber Logo Light

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ON & OFF Example

The Image below is an example of the Uber Logo Light.

Uber Logo Light

Uber Logo Light

Here at UberLight, your safety is important to us before, during, and after every trip. That’s why we continue to develop technology that pairs with Uber’s great service and helps make millions of rides safer every day. One of the latest technologies we have introduced is the Uber Logo Light. It can be difficult to spot your Uber driver at night, which is core reason we developed the Uber Logo Light.

How It Works

Uber Logo Light is an amazing advancement. In a nutshell, it is a “U” logo light that displays on the windshield of Uber drivers. Uber Logo Lights are becoming popular in most cities as an additional safety and convenience measure. It aims to reduce wait times for the passengers by making it easy to spot their Uber driver during the late night hours. The Uber Logo Light is easily mounted on the car windshield which makes it easy for the passengers to see without any difficulty. It is a means for the driver to get better ratings from their customers on every trip. Get your Uber Glow Sign today and make your and your customer’s experience worth it!
Uber Logo Light

"I have been an Uber driver for 2 years now and I am glad someone has thought of this clever invention!"

− Mark Brandon

"I love my Uber light! It makes it so convenient for my riders especially during night or evening shifts!"

− Linda Smith

"Who ever thought of this is making lots of money! This light is essential to all Uber drivers. Love it!"

− Daren Wade