Brighter than ordinary LED lights.
Easily attaches to any windshield.
Stealth ON & OFF built in switch.

uber glow light

uber glowing logo


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The Glowing Uber Sign is very eye-catching, easily recognized and visible up to 20 yards away. This beautifully lit, glowing blue UBER sign will help your passengers identify you quickly. It is bright enough to be seen through tinted windows, up to 90% tint.


The UBERLIGHT sign is made using Electroluminescent light technology which is brighter than ordinary LED lights. It fits perfectly on any windshield. Unlike bulky LED signs, the UBERLIGHT sign is thin and durable.


You can go stealth mode with the Glowing Uber Sign. It comes equipped with an ON and OF button so you can turn it on before you pick up your riders and turn it off once they are in the car.


With the Glowing Uber Sign, you can make yourself better than the average UBER driver. Be prepared to get some awesome feedback from your riders. Recommended for all UBER drivers looking to make a great first impression!
uber glow light

uber lyft sign

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The new Uber & Lyft Combo sign is quite different from the Uber Sign above. It is back-lit by LEDs giving it a super bright glow. It sticks on to the inside of your vehicle’s window (no tools required). The battery operated device automatically turns on while the car is in motion and it’s dark out. When the sensors detect no motion for 2 minutes or that it’s light out, the sign light shuts off. Just set it and forget it.

Each “decal” consists of a 4-inch circular graphic image, and a rear housing that provides backlighting via an LED light. The housing also contains light and motion detectors, so that once the power switch is flipped on, the light will only come on in the dark, and only when the vehicle is moving – once the vehicle has stopped moving for at least two minutes, the light automatically shuts off.

The device mounts on the glass via two adhesive-backed clips. It can slide in and out of them, should you wish to alternate between displaying different LED logo sign in the same location.
Power is supplied by 3 * AAA alkaline batteries, which are said to provide approximately more than 40 hours of run time.

uber glow light

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